Born, Not Raised: Voices from Juvenile Hall

by Susan Madden Lankford

Born, Not Raised:
Voices From Juvenile Hall
In the final volume of her trilogy on interlinked social issues, Susan Madden Lankford explores the troubled psyches of young people incarcerated in Juvenile Hall. At the core of this compelling book are contributions elicited from the youths themselves. Their scrawled or careful handwriting-and brutal or poignant drawings-speak as powerfully as their words. Additional perspectives from psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and experts in the field of juvenile justice underscore the social and neurobiological impacts of childhood trauma. Ultimately, the message of Born, Not Raised is hope-that unnurtured youth, with all their dreams and deficits, can be reparented and rewoven into the social fabric.

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Cloth and paper: 216 pages
Publisher: Humane Exposures Publishing, LLC
(March 2012)
Dimensions: 9 x 11.5 inches
ISBN: 978-0-9792366-3-1
201 illustrations and images
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Praise for
Voices from Juvenile Hall
"A compassionate call to action... Lankford argues that most inmates [of juvenile hall] can transform their traumatic histories into productive maturity if sustained by just one 'good enough' adult."
Publishers Weekly
"More policy-oriented than academic in tone, this book is recommended for specialized juvenile justice collections and libraries holding the other two volumes in the series. Though government austerity is in vogue, this book is a powerful reminder of the social costs of neglecting the specific needs of at-risk youth."
Library Journal
"Susan's Lankford's BORN, NOT RAISED spotlights the raw stories of children traumatized by neglect, abuse, and poverty. Working with outside professionals, Lankford exposes an overburdened juvenile justice system while offering powerful tools for change."
Dave Pelzer, Author of the New York Times bestsellers A Child Called "It", The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave
"Susan Lankford captures the heart and soul, aspirations, hopes and fears, of kids in the juvenile justice system. If only juvenile judges could have access to the writings, photographs and stories of the kids she's met, juvenile court would be much more rehabilitative."
Judge Irene Sullivan, Author of Raised by the Courts
"Every single adult complication can be directly traced back to a childhood trauma. BORN, NOT RAISED takes the reader on a dark path that shines just enough light to hopefully alter the direction of our youth."
Jennifer Storm, Author of Blackout Girl and Leave the Light On.