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Welcome to the Humane Exposures Blog!

The purpose of this blog is take a penetrating look at the needs and challenges of society’s disenfranchised. We refuse to look away from the homeless who sleep on our streets and in our parks. We refuse to write off the men and women incarcerated for drug use or prostitution, or the children in juvenile hall and in unsettled homes.

The Humane Exposures Blog seeks to encourage public awareness of the causes that underlie the destructive cycles plaguing these at-risk populations. We will report on the abuse and neglect that cycle through generations. We will show that the economic burden on society is lightened when these people are treated — not caged.

Humane Exposures will use photography, books, video, and this blog to increase understanding of these at-risk populations and engender humane responses. We hope you will join us. We invite you to contribute your own stories and point us in the direction of others who are helping our society deal with some of its most difficult problems: homelessness, incarceration, and juvenile justice.

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  1. Excellent work -thank you, I have added you to my blog roll

  2. Attn: Susan Lankford

    I met your daughter Polly in Ranch mail today and we exchanged books. Read a few pages of Born, Not Raised. That’s all I could read at one time. So powerful. I admire what you do.

    We speak at juvenile halls when we can and it is such a moving experience. I would love to meet you. Judy A. Bernstein.

  3. Tony says:

    How do I get a copy of the film?

  4. I’ll drop you an email in case you don’t see this reply. You can order it on this page – http://www.humaneexposures.com/its-more-expensive-to-do-nothing.html

  5. Knightgale says:

    Thank you for caring and sharing, have added your blog to mine, JUSTICE WINDS 🙂

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