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Our Hearts Go Out To Boston

Today the Humane Exposures team would like to share both our sympathies and our condolences with the people of Boston and to those injured or who lost their lives in the recent bombing.

Sudden tragedy can make one’s outlook bleak, and inspire an immediate desire for retribution. Let us hope that those charged with finding the bomber do not let this impulse cloud their vision, for it is important that justice be done.

In the meantime Boston and the nation reel. Our hearts and our thoughts are with the victims.

The Return of the Blogger

I take great pleasure in announcing that after a year away working on other projects I have returned to the Humane Exposures blog! Once more you will be seeing posts on a daily basis as we share news and information pertinent to those who share our interest in issues of social justice.

If you have a subject you’d like for me to touch on in our upcoming posts please leave me a comment here and I will get in touch!

This is a very exciting time to rejoin the project especially as Born, Not Raised: Voices From Juvenille Hall approaches publication!

It’s good to be back!