Get My School Bucks: An Innovative Web Effort Supporting Education

Get My School Bucks

Did you know that you can help a struggling school simply by shopping? Chad and Melinda Reist of San Diego have created a way for you to do just that, on a website called

Back in April, KFMB TV Channel 8 ran a story about their efforts, which explains how it all works:

‘We don’t want our younger ones to not have the education they should have,’ Melinda said.

Their solution: a web site that offers discounted gift certificates. Any company interested offers its services on at 20 percent off, and any customer interested purchases it at five percent off. The web site takes its cut and the rest goes back to the schools.

‘Essentially it’s money you are already going to spend, so before you head out to dinner with the family, might as well save five percent and give five percent to the schools,’ Chad said.

Sounds like the Reists are on to something. Everybody likes to save money, particularly when the economy is such a mess, so offering coupons is a great way to get people to participate. Adding in the socially conscious element that so many Internet-based efforts are exhibiting these days should really give it legs.

The Reists are not the only parents concerned for their children’s educational future, especially in San Diego, where the state of the school board is continually chaotic. As we’ve stated on numerous occassions, many of the social ills we face are directly related to poor education. There is a plethora of studies linking it to both crime and homelessness, and, while not the sole cause of either, it is still cause for grave concern.

Source: “San Diego couple’s web business to help schools,” KFMD TV Channel 8, 04/01/10
Image of GetMySchoolBucks logo, used under Fair Use: Reporting.

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  1. Chad says:

    Wow, I truly thank you for that post. We are trying to make a difference in schools throughout San Diego, and soon the entire nation.
    We need all the help we can get because this truly is a big problem in our communities so the support from everyone is crucial. If anyone out there knows of a business that could benefit from our free marketing and advertising, please share our program with them.
    Together we can make a difference!
    -Chad Reist

  2. Hey Chad, sorry for the delayed response but I don’t work on weekends. Glad that you liked the article! Education is a top tier concern as it impacts almost every other social issue. Thanks for your efforts, and please keep us posted of any new developments!

  3. Chad says:

    Well thanks again. Have we met before? If not, I would welcome the opportunity.
    Take care.

  4. Hey Chad, I doubt it. I’m the member of the team that is actually based in Cincinnati. If I ever make it that way, or vice versa, let’s make sure to meet up for coffee and conversation!

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